Fence Staining

Rooster Fence Staining

There is no doubt that having a wooden fence brings something more than security to one’s home. Aside from protection against harsh weather, wild animals, and other external forces, a quality wooden fence greatly upgrades the value of a home. However, building one is only the first step. Preserving its natural shine and making sure that it will last for years is another matter altogether.

Here at Red Rooster Fence, we strongly advise all our happy clients in the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex area that having their wooden fences stained is as important as having them built using quality material and efficient construction.

As a family-owned business, we also help our customers save on unnecessary expenses, and having their fences protected early on will ensure less cost on future repairs or maintenance. Wood stain prevents rotting and splitting, adds a layer of shield against sunlight, strong rain, and wet winters, and overall extends the life of the material, whether it is pine, cedar, or other kinds of wood.

Why Choose Fence Staining Over Painting?

If you are a homeowner who is about to reach for the paint bucket to remedy or protect that wooden fence, then we urge you to stop right now. Paint may seem to be the easier option for your fence, but many professional landscapers would argue that staining is still the better way to go.

Paint chips too often and fades even faster, while stain lasts longer and doesn’t crack. Whether you’re going for a classic or rustic look, stained fences can help you achieve this without ruining the natural color of the wood. Also, stained fences have been proven to be stronger and more resistant to weather.

Why Red Rooster Fence?

All the staffs here at Red Rooster Fence have been trained to treat fence building, repair, restoration, and staining as an art form. We assure each of our customers that budget doesn’t have to restrict the quality of the materials and services that we provide. Still, don’t just take our word for it. Contact us now via contact form on this page or call us and we would be happy to give you a free estimate and more details about our services. Have a great day!