Fence Restoration

Rooster Fence Restoration

Here at Red Rooster Fence, we have learned to professionally assess and value the quality and worth of each fence we encounter. If your wooden fence has been protecting your home for many years and has withstood harsh weather, then it has done its duty well. However, if you think that it already needs retirement, then we urge you to think again.

Behind that gray, discolored outer layer is still the rich, warm color that first made you fall in love with your fence. It just takes professional hands and quality materials to bring it back to its original state. Making your fence look picturesque doesn’t have to be expensive. Fence restoration is definitely an option in upgrading your outdoor landscaping and home security without cutting through the budget.

Why Fence Restoration?

There are numerous times when fence restoration has proven to be a better and more affordable option than building a new fence from scratch. It not only brings out the wood’s natural color, but also strengthens its outer layer, preventing splitting, cracking, decay, mildew, mold, and rotting.

We understand that sooner or later there will come a time that your home will need a new fence, but maybe this is not that time. First, have experts in the area asses your fence; second, consider if restoration or staining is a viable option. If you have trusted fence specialists, then they will give you a wide array of options instead of immediately telling you to replace your fence.

Why Red Rooster Fence?

Our continuously growing number of happy clients is only a sign that Red Rooster Fence is a fence authority in the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex area. We only offer quality materials and efficient and friendly services i.e. building, repairing, staining, and restoration at highly competitive prices. Contact us now via contact form on this page or call us and we would be happy to give you a free estimate and more details about our offerings. Have a great day!