• Do You Need a Permit to Install a Fence?

This is a common question that we commonly receive here at Red Rooster Fence and the short answer to this question is that it depends.

When we say it depends is because every state, city, and community has different laws, codes, and zoning requirements in regards to the type, height, and the various features that you may have.

Since this is the case we always recommend that you contact your local city office to find out if there is any restrictions, during which you will also find out if you need construction permit for your property or not.

The purpose of the construction permit is to ensure that the fence size, fence materials, fence height, fence scale, and/or fence design adhere to the local community and city standards i.e. built to code.

In addition to the local government where you live, you can also have what we call possible deed restrictions from your local homeowners association. So make sure and check with your local representative to ensure everything is ok and up to code with them as well.

Lastly make sure you have the approval of your neighbors especially if their fence that you share will be affected by any means.

Construction permits if they are required can range typically between $20 to $40 dollars, but this rate can also be higher depending on your project and property size. An keep in mind these permits can take anywhere from a couple hours to receive up to a couple weeks depending where you live and what you want done.

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